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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Descriptions of People

"..a tiny Korean woman: Kimy. She's wearing a blue silk dress and bright lipstick, and her eyebrows have been drawn on a little lopsided. Her hair is salt-and-pepper gray; it's braided and coiled into two buns at her ears."

"Henry's dad is thin, tall, angular, and tired. He doesn't look much like Henry. He has short gray hair, dark eyes, a long nose, and a thin mouth whose corners turn down a little."
(The Time Traveler's Wife, Audrey Niffengger)

We have been learning how to describe people. Look at the three descriptions below and tell me which one is correct. A good description (at your level) should have:

  • Stages: introductory sentence & description of at least 3 features
  • At least 1 conjunction to join sentences (and, so, because)
  • Appropriate vocabulary
  • Correct sentences (S+V+O)
  • At least 2 noun groups: beautiful hair, a tiny Korean woman
  • At least 3 forms of to be and/or to have correctly
  • Correct personal pronouns
  • Capital letters, commas and full stops correctly used
  • Good spelling

Text 1
This is a photo of my friend Anne. I think she is very pretty. She has a round face with freckles. She has long curly red hair. Her eyes are round and very blue and she has a beautiful smile.
Anne is not very tall, but she has a slim figure. I like they way she dresses. She always wears nice modern clothes.

Text 2
This photo is my friend Anne she is . very nice. She wears jeans and blue shirt.

Text 3
This is photo of Anne i think she is very bretty. she have round face, and . She has red long hair curly. She is eyes is round and very blue
she has beautiful smile.
Anne isnt very tall, but, she is slim figure. I likes they way she dresses. She always wear beutifull clothes. I like she veri much.


Look at these photos and write a description of the people in them:

(You can click on each photo to see it bigger)

More practice...
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Sohaila's Description:

This is a picture of a man. He is standing in front of a door. He is tall, he has long black hair and he has dark skin.
He is wearing a grey and black tracksuit.
He is wearing a watch.
He is holding a paper.
He looks unhappy.

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