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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Linda and Jorge

My name is Jorge. My nationality is Australian, but I was born in Colombia. I'm 48 years old. I am 165 cm tall and I weigh 70 kilograms. My body is a little thick.
My face is oval. I have brown hair, brown eyes and a brown moustache..

I am generous and smart. I'm trying to learn and getting to be more knowledgeable. I am sociable, but sometimes shy.

My name is Ivy. I come from Northern China. I have been in Australia for a few years.

I'm 23 years old. I'm not tall and I weigh about 90 pounds. I have yellow skin, black hair, brown eyes and thin lips. Sometimes I wear glasses, jeans and a T-shirt to school, but I usually wear pyjamas at home. I like wearing different styles of earrings, necklaces and rings.

My hobbies include reading novels, listening to music, and travelling. I'm also studying Financial Services on a part time basis at St George TAFE.

I married my husband two years ago in Sydney. He is a drafstman working in a telecommunication company at Chastwood. I have a seventeen month old baby boy. He's very active and he keeps us busy all the time. My husband and I live in a rented apartment in Hurstville. However, our son now is staying with my parents in China. He's coming back soon. I love my family so much.

I'm an easy going lady., and always want to make more friends.

Lei and Andy at Vaucluse House

My name is Wendy. I come from China. I have been in Australia for ten months. My husband was here first, then I came to live with him.

I'm twenty seven. I'm tall and a little fat, because in Australia they have many delicious foods from different countries. I have a round face and yellow skin. My hair is black and my eyes are brown. I usually wear track-suits.

I'm pregnat now, so I can't get a job. My husband and I are very happy and are really looking forward to having our baby.

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