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Thursday, October 28, 2004

More students' Hometowns or Countries

My hometown is Pereira. I was born and brought up there.

Pereira is a medium city of about 700,000 habitants , located in the south-west of Colombia.
Pereira's climate is tropical and humid , perfect combination to mature and give its taste to the best coffee in the world.

Pereira is the capital of the smallest province in Colombia , its name is Risaralda and is part of the coffee zone.

On the 20th of August the celebrations of the coffee fair start . For 2 weeks the city becomes a huge party for every one , young and all . There are concerts , live music, dancing on the streets , bullfights and International Queens come from some countries which produce coffee.

The people of Pereira are warm and very friendly, Pereira nickname is "The city with open doors".


Wendy's Hometown

Quan Zhou is my hometown. I was born and brought up there.
Quan Zhou is a city of great antiquity. It is the jumping off point of the Silk Road on the sea, located on the south of China, opposite Taiwan. The Taiwan Strait is between Quan Zhou and Taiwan. The population is about 6.5 million.

The climate in Quan Zhou is subtropical. The average temperature of the year is 18°C-20°C, in summer is 26°C-29°C and in Winter is 9°C-13°C. Many people like to swim in summer.
Every year the 15th day after the Spring Festival is the festival of Lanterns. Quan Zhou's people eat sticky rice balls and there is a lantern show. For a few nights many beautiful lanterns illuminate this beautiful city. People go out to celebrate the day. It's spectacular.
The people of Quan Zhou are kind and friendly. Many tourists from all over the world visit Quan Zhou.

Sohaila's Egypt

Egypt is the largest country in the Arab world, with about 76 million inhabitants. It is located in northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza strip and the Red Sea, north of Sudan and includes the Asian Sinai.

Egypt's climate is arid, hot dry summers with moderate winters.

Natural resources of Egypt are petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, phosphates and zinc.
Cairo is the capital of Egypt. The head of Egypt is President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak . (since 14th October, 1981)

The flag of Egypt consists of three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white and black.

On 23rd July is Revolution Day, all of Egypt celebrates this national day and the 6th October is Victory Day.

There are many places which attract tourism, like the Sphinx, the pyramids, Sharm El Sheikh, Aswan, Luxor and Ghardaya.

The people of Egypt are friendly and warm. Visitors come from all the world to visit Egypt because it is a very nice country.

Noha's Alexandria

Alexandria has had a long history as one of the most culturally important cities on the Mediterranean littoral. It was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 before Christmas. It is located on the north coast of Egypt. It’s the main port of Egypt.

Alexandria has many landmarks, such as beautiful beaches, the Roman museum, Quaitbey Castle, and the biggest ancient library in the world. Alexandria attracts many tourists due to its attractive sites and climate. The average winter temperature in January is 10-20°. This comfortable weather allows people from everywhere to come to Alexandria to enjoy the beautiful weather.

The religion in Egypt is Islamic and Christian. The Muslim and Christian people live in harmony and are tolerant of each other.
The population in Alexandria is about 8 million people. To get to all Alexandria’s many places of interest there is a good network of trains, buses and trams. Alexandria also has a number of suburbs which are very crowded and with heavy traffic.

The average income is not enough to get everything you need. As I’m from Alexandria and love it, I invite you to spend time there. You will remember it for ever.

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