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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Have Fun with English Quest

In this quest you will have to go to our Portuguese friends' site, Have Fun With English.

Go to the 7th of September, Subject: Holidays.

  1. Can you find an Australian connexion?
  2. What's larger the Moon or Mercury?
  3. How often does the Moon go around the Earth?
  4. When did Dean Janie Fouke go to the North Pole?
  5. Name 5 things you can find in a tent if you go camping.
  6. What activities can you do in Brampton Island ?
  7. How many rooms has Devon Farm got?
  8. How much is Devon Farm in in October?

Write your answers in comments and get ready for more work on countries. This term we are going to work on descriptions of places (reports), so on Tuesdays we can do extra practice in the computer room.

Good luck!

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