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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Kalpana and Athene


My name is Kalpana. I come from Nepal and I have been in Australia only for six months. I live with my family in Rockdale. I have one daughter. I'm in my late thirties. I'm of average height and medium built. I have fair skin and an oval face. My eyes are small, but I have a long and sharp nose. I have short straight black hair. I always wear a chain, earrings and a hairband.

I'm a full time student at TAFE. I spend my free time watching Indian movies, listening to Hindi music and playing computer games. My hobby is cooking. I started enjoying food only after my marriage. I learned most of my cooking from my mother-in-law. Then I started exploring new food and started learning to cook at the same time. Today cooking is one of my favourite activities. I love to cook for myself and for others. I feel proud of myself when someone likes my cooking and enjoys the food. Now I can cook different varieties of food from different countries, such as Nepal, India, Japan (I lived in Japan for a while) and China.

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