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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Yana, Olga and Silvia working very hard!


My name is Olga. I come from Russia. I have lived in Australia for four years. I am 45 years old. I am about 170 cm tall and have a light complexion. I have pale skin, a narrow nose and a small mouth. I have long straight brown hair and a thin face with green eyes and thin lips.
I like wearing trousers and comfortable clothes.

I am married. We live in Rockdale with my husband Edward. We rent a flat. My flat has two bedrooms and a living room. It is on the ground floor and has a balcony. It has a kitchen and a bathroom. My favourite room is the kitchen because I like cooking for my family and my friends.


My name is Silvia and I come from Uruguay. I have been in Australia for two years. I live in Rockdale with my husband, we don't have any children.

I study English full time at St George TAFE. I'm 28 years old and about 164 cm tall. I have a light complexion, long straight blond hair and a thin face with green eyes and small lips. I always wear jeans and a sweater. I love sports clothes.

When I'm not studying, I work cleaning houses in differernt suburbs, but in my free time I like cooking, listening to music, watching Spanish movies, writing emails and speaking with my friends.

I think that I'm a sociable and friendly person, because I have a lot of friends in Uruguay and Australia too.

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