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Friday, October 29, 2004

Kalpana's farewell party

Kalpana and Silvia..Rosa, Kalpana and Marion


Read the report about the day. It was written by all the students in the class.

Last Thursday was the last school day for our classmate Kalpana, who was moving to a new suburb.

We had a surprise farewell party for her. Everybody brought traditional food. There were alfajores form Uruguay, a winter salad from Russia, konafa from Jordan, dumplings from China, filo pastry with mince meat and honeymoon biscuits from Egypt. Also Yimin made a cake and Jorge brought some drinks.

Rosa took photos because the table looked very nice.

Everybody had a very nice lunch and tasted different food.
Rosa and Silvia took many photos. After we finished lunch, Silvia gave Kalpana a present from the class and teachers and Kalpana gave our teachers a present too. Silvia made a speech to Kalpana.

That day Kalpana looked very nice. She was wearing a beautiful traditional brown Nepalese sari.

All the class enjoyed the time and wished her good luck in the future.

Have a look at some photos from a fun afternoon Silvia and Hawi had at Kalpana's place a while ago.

Hawi in red sari

Silvia in red sari

Silvia in brown sari

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