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Sunday, October 10, 2004


  • You've got a new challenge: Collage
  • I have put Links, Games, Reading and Writing on the right sidebar.Keep an eye on those links. I will add to them regularly.
  • I have permission from two English teachers, Teresa Almeida d'Eça from Portugal and Isabel Perez from Spain, to put links to their fantastic websites and blogs. Teresa would like you to write to her students in Have Fun with English. You can send them a message through their blog. We'll talk about it after the holidays.
  • Have a look at August (on the right). You will find new students' descriptions of themselve, and yummy recipes. I think we should have a party next term with the dishes you've written about. We need photos for the recipes, so what better excuse?
  • In August/Descriptions of People, you will find new games to practise the order of adjectives in English.
  • Also in August/Games you can find new links to fantastic ESL sites for games and exercises. Good work!

Do you know your classmates?

You can print this worksheet or you can copy the questions.
To get help with these questions, you can go to August (on the right of Our Class blog) and read your classmates' descriptions of themselves. You can also ask them in person!

You will also find them here:
Yiming & Noha
Hawi & Lei
Xia Dong & Ali
Kalpana & Athene
Olga M. & Silvia
Jorge, Ivy, Wendy, Linda

1) Xiao Dong _____ a journalist in China.

2) Noha has got _______ hair, _____ _______ eyes, a small ______ and ___ round face

3) When Hawi is not studying, she _______ after _____ son and ________ the house.

4) _____ arrived to Sydney, Australia, in April 2004.

5) _________ lived in Japan for a while

6) Olga M. likes _________ trousers and _____________ clothes.

7) Silvia _____ ______ in Australia for ___ years.

8) In her country Esraa _____ a hairdresser.

9) Mohamad _________ in Australia in December 2003.

10) Esraa was _______ in Kuwait, but her family moved to _________.

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