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Sunday, August 29, 2004


The first student to answer all the questions will get a prize!

The answers have to be correct and your English should be perfect (or nearly perfect)

You can find the answers by reading the different postings on this blog. You may also have to click on the links (blue and underlined)

1.How many modal verbs are there in the above instructions?
2.What's another name for the Sydney suburb of Leichhardt?
3.What languages do they speak in Azerbaijan?
4.Who is Margaret Hanrahan?
5.When do Spanish people eat twelve grapes in twelve seconds?
6.Who went to Long Bay on a weekend?
7.Where did Andy and Olga come from?
8.Do you need onions to make gazpacho?
9.Why is Haberfield important?
10.At what time was this comment written:It's good to see older women still learning English!?

Good luck!

We've got our winners: See the 3rd comment to find them and their answers. The answer to question number 1 is not 100% correct, but we haven't done it in class. To find the correct answer you can look at
Modals Chart

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