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Monday, September 20, 2004

Our Excursions

Our Excursion to Vaucluse House
Before the winter holidays, our class and Therese's class went to Vaucluse House. We were lucky with the weather. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were able to have a fantastic picnic next to the beach.

Vaucluse House

Write about our excursion. Remember this is a recount:

Orientation + Events + Re-orientation + (Comment)

Simple past + Expressions of time and place + Specific participants (nouns or pronouns)

You can read the following text by a student of English from AMES Parramatta by clicking on this link:

An Unforgettable Day

Our Excursion to Mrs Macquarie's Chair

On Monday 20th September 2004 some of the students in our class went to Mrs Macquarie's Chair in the Botanic Gardens. These are some of the photos from that day.

Huge Rock ..................................Big Fig Tree ..

Botanical Gardens Gate

If you went along, please write here about the day. We want to know what you did!

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Sunday, September 19, 2004


A recount is a story about something that happened to you, a friend, or anyone.
A few days ago one of our teachers had an accident walking to St George TAFE Hogben Street campus.

Write a recount of her accident. You can use the following words (add verbs and use them in the right tense!) or you can make up the whole story:

wet footpath .......rain.....to trip over...........to fall down
to land ............chin first aid .......kind lady
emergency..............mobile phone ambulance.....hospital
3 stitches .............. teeth

Look in this blog's
A Day at the Beach and Our excursions for the structure of the recount and more examples of good recounts.


Look in comments and read the first 3 versions of Suzanne's accident. Have a gook look at the verbs and notice how the past continuous is used to set the scene, as we learned in class yesterday. Well done!

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

A Day At The Beach

This is a recount that your classmate Yu wrote before going to Perth. Read it and post your own recount of a weekend, interesting day or short holiday.
This is how to write a recount:

Orientation (who,what,when,where)+ Events + Re-orientation + (Comment)

Simple past + Expressions of time and place + Specific participants (nouns or pronouns)

The Pacific Ocean

Sydney views from the water

Opera House

Yu's weekend

Last Saturday I went to Long Bay with my family. In the morning we got packed. At about 10 am we started to go to Long Bay. The trip in the car was long. After about an hour we got there.

At the beach we swam and surfed all morning. Then we played cricket for two hours. At lunch time we ate fish and chips. In the afternoon I sat on the sand and read the newspaper. My husband went fishing on the rocks. He didn't catch any fish, but it was very relaxing. Later we sat in the sun and ate an ice-cream. Finally we packed up for home at sunset. We had a great day.

Yu Wang

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Love Stories

This is the fantastic love story Olga S. wrote. Olga started learning English a couple of months ago. It is not a real story, but it sounds real. Try to use your imagination and write a love story similar to this one.

Andy drawing Olga

Olga's War Love Story

His name was Andy. He was from Poland. He was an artist. Andy was twenty-five years old. His family lived in Krakov, a very old and beautiful city.

Andy often drew the avenues of Krakov. Once he saw a girl. She was drawing an old church. Her face was beautiful and her picture was beautiful too. They started talking.

Her name was Veronica. She was twenty-three years old. Veronica lived in Canada She was a doctor. Veronica loved to draw. She arrived in Poland as a tourist.

They took a walk around the old city. Only one day.

The next day was the first of September, 1939, the beginning of the Second World War.
They lost contact with each other.

Ten years later Veronica arrived to Paris. She went to a museum and she suddently saw her portrait.

Two hours later they had found each other and were never again separated.

Olga S. sitting in Vaucluse House

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Hawi, Kalpana and Silvia
Winners of our 1st Blog Competition

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